November 1, 2011

They now have dog bow ties!


Rock Project

November 1, 2011

         Mortar and Pestle

color: white

rock type: marble

found: kitchen

roughness: smooth

Rock collection

found: dining room (rocks “found” in cape cod)

roughness: smooth

Fire place

found: living room (there cause rocks don’t burn)

Bathroom Counter Tile

color: greenish black

found: bathroom

type: slate

roughness: smooth

turquoise earings

color: turquoise

shape: square

type: turquoise

found: bedroom

roughness: smooth

Rock Wall

retaining wall

found: outside

Rock patio

found: outside



The Head

December 8, 2009

It is the last day of school and we are flying to find a good nest for the summer and then there was the perfect nest on someones head and when I sat down he ran around and screamed.  “I will build you a bird house so you do not have to live on my head”, said the man.

Human Dog

November 13, 2009

As me and Lily were flying home from school, we heard a loud yell, “OW!!!!”

We went o go check it out.  A man was biting a dog’s tail.  We asked what was going on.  The dog said, “A wizard grabbed up and switched our brains and he told us if someone sprinkled sugar on us we would be normal again. ”

So we did.

Computer Dog

November 4, 2009

As me and Lily were flying home from school, we saw a dog.  The dog overheard us talking about our blog.  The dog went home to check it out.  The dog loved it.  When the owner got home, she freaked.  Then she sent out a press release and all the TV people came to see the dog.  That  night the dog was on the news.


October 23, 2009

As me and Lily were out Trick or Treating, we saw a parrot locked up in a cage.  Why is it locked up in the cage? asked Lily?

I don’t know, I said.

Suddenly, the parrot said, It’s me, Emily!

Who said that? asked Lily.

It was me, said the parrot.

Who?  I asked.

Me! said the parrot.

Emily?  I asked.

Yes, said the parrot.

How did you get turned into a parrot? I asked.

I was out trick or treating, and a wizard grabbed me and sprinkled cinnamon on me, and now I am a parrot. He told me that if someone sprinkled sugar on me, I would be a bluebird again.

So we sprinkled sugar on her.

quiz:  How many questions were in the story?


October 15, 2009

As me and Lily were flying home from school, we saw a wizard.  The wizard grabbed Lily and took her back to his castle and turned her into a worn out frog!  He needs the magic soda and cinnamon so he can turn her into a worn out from permanently!  But if I get it first and add a feather and pour it on her, she will be a bird permanently.  Hannah swooped down and grabbed Lily and the magic soda and added a feather and poured it on Lily.

The Bottle

October 7, 2009

As me and Lily were flying home from school, we saw something very weird!  A human stuck in a BIG BIG bottle!  We put lots and lots of butter in the BIG BIG bottle.  It didn’t work, so we called 911.  They got her out.  She thanked us a lot.  We went home.

The Painting

October 1, 2009

Me and Lily were at a museum, looking at a strange, strange painting!  It was very weird!  We did not know what it was.  There was one big block and one little block.  Under the big block it said one inch and under the small block it said one cm.  It wasn’t interesting so they went home.

Flying Eyeballs

September 24, 2009

As me and Lily were flying home from school, we saw something very weird; eyeballs falling from the sky! They landed in a BIG Crash!!!!!!!!!! We went to go check it out. There were bolts and nails flying everywhere! We saw a broken up robot. We kicked it and a paper came out of its mouth. The paper said, “I thought eyeballs were supposed to fly.” Eyeballs aren’t supposed to fly. We never learned this is school.